Auto Trading Bot? ✨
This solution is designed for those who want to profit of algorithmic cryptocurrency trading without giving up their regular job.
H-ATB reduces risk to a minimum and allows you to maximize your profits. Automated platform:
    Covers more transactions;
    Processes transactions at a higher speed;
    Frees trading from subjective factors;
    Ensures flawless operation.
Holdex bot is designed to enable seamless trading on crypto markets. The bot surpasses human abilities which eliminate factors associated with emotional decision making, low productivity and speed.
The main task of H-ATB:
Implement with a big number of transactions in a short time, identify the direction of trend changes on the markets, determine the most convenient time to complete transactions and generate profits from the difference in purchase and sale.
The Holdex automated market maker replaces traditional methods with liquidity pools that pre-fund both assets on the blockchain. Liquidity is providing by users who receive passive income from their deposits through transaction fees as an interest of the liquidity pool.
The platform operates on its own HOLDEX token, which allows for more independence in management, supports autonomous pools and farms. The token is compatible with Ethereum, Huobi Ecochain and Binance Smart Chain networks.
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