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What is Holdex Finance?

Holdex Finance is an innovative technology project in the field of Fin-Tech and DeFi. The main task of which, is to create a transparent and decentralized platform for highly profitable and secure investments in cryptocurrencies. Thanks to the automated solutions and unique developments; the project team manages to minimize the risks and the number of user errors. The result is that, crypto investors get even more profit.

What can I do with Holdex Finance?

With Holdex Finance;

Holdex Finance provides you swap, staking, yield farming operations. You can also invest in new projects on our ICO launchpad page. In addition, you can find the highest interest rates in the market with the H-APY Scanner (whose idea and project belong to our team) then you can make automatic purchases and sales with high interest rates with H-ATB.

Holdex Mobile App

2022/2 Quarter will be active.

You will be able to perform all transactions on our website quickly and securely.

When will holdex be listed?

To be listed at the and of 2021 Q/3

What is Holdex token contract address?

Our tokenization process which is started on the BSC network, will be active on the ERC-20 and other networks later on.
2022 Q/3 Will be switched to mainnet and holdex token will turn into a pos coin.
Below is our BSC-scan link:https://bscscan.com/token/0xd85b5e9a7c33832dcdb554ec07cdcc56810b2e5a

Through which network and to which wallets will the tokens that I purchased during the ICO be transferred?

Add your SmartChain (BNB) address on Trustwallet to your profile section on our website.
First, add the Binance Smartchain network to your Metamask wallet.
Then add your wallet address to the profile section of our website.
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